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What do you call someone who loves movies?

Cinephilia is the term used to refer to a passionate interest in cinema, film theory and film criticism. The term is a portmanteau of the words cinema and philia, one of the four ancient Greek words for love. A person with a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile, cinemaphile, or, informally, a movie buff.

Watch a lot of films in a year

One way to develop an appreciation for cinema is to watch a lot of different ones. For example, IMDB has compiled a list of moves that all cinephiles should watch. Set up a weekly schedule to make sure you watch this many movies the next 12 months.

Understand film eras

There are important eras of film just as there are important eras in history. Understanding film eras can help you understand the social context of each film, deepening your appreciation. For example, the silent film era is important for its differences in sound and cinematography from modern film.

The Best Gifts for Every Movie Lover

Movies Scratch Off Poster

This artsy poster not only helps your favorite movie buff keep track of their movie bucket list, it also serves as a pretty poster once all of the boxes are scratched off.

Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers

Many of our favorite movies come with a side of iconic food moments: the elaborate timpano from Big Night, Charlie Chaplin’s dancing dinner rolls in The Gold Rush, the orgasmic deli fare from When Harry Met Sally, or the redemptive birthday cake from Sixteen Candles. This cookbook for film fans recreates recipes from more than 40 movies including the bourbon french toast sticks from Kramer vs. Kramer, the “I’ll Have What She’s Having” pastrami from When Harry Met Sally, and Annie Hall‘s butter-poached lobster.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

For the movie-loving couple, this art will help you celebrate your favorite co-star. And to show your love with movie and with each other.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Let your giftee enjoy a movie in the park from the comfort of their own backyard. This self-inflating screen measures a whopping 12 feet diagonally, ensuring even movie theater devotees will be satisfied with this makeshift big-screen experience.

Plastic Retro Popcorn Containers

When watching movie at home but you want the atmosphere is like a movie theater so plastic retro popcorn containers is a must have item.

Vintage Cinematography Patent Prints

Appreciate the technical side of filmmaking with three historical patents for movie film, a projection machine, and a film reel.